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"FreeLandLogistics" offers a complete package of services for the delivery and transportation of solid and modular cargoes in Russia and abroad. We work with major ports and transport hubs around the world. We deliver cargo from Europe, Asia and America. We have the possibility of using multi-modal transport, allowing one to carry the load in several modes of transport for the optimal route. Individual kit supplies various types of transport. We know specifics of delivery of goods from Europe and China.




  • International transportation services


  • Charter flights from all over the world


  • Multimodal transport, combined transport


  • Providing freight transport


  • Delivery by truck overland to and from Russia


  • Delivery of cargo by any mode of transport



One of the main directions of the company is - shipping cargo container, which is a significant advantage. Firstly, items to be rebooted when changing vehicle. The cargo is loaded into the container, and the sender is received from the client on request. This saves money and provides undeniable possibility of a flexible and effective combination of modes of transport. Container transport combines a high level of security. All our containers have a solid metal construction and fully sealed.


Working with our company, you get a professional logistics services, as well as a number of advantages:


Safety of cargo

Hight-speed of delivery

Worldwide service

Low tariffs

Professional team


"FreeLandLogistics" guarantees fast and cheap custom clearance. Provide support of foreign trade transactions and import/export activities. Our team will analyze and exploit all terms of the contract in terms of compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation on Taxation, civil law and customs.


Freeland Logistics - has experience and professionalism in the field of customs clearance. The client will benefit from our helpful team and saves time required for clearance procedures. Since its foundation, Freeland Logistics aims for maximum correspondence to customers' requests, whatever they are. Equally attention is paid to every client: a large company, small company or an individual entrepreneur.


The professional level of our employees had been proven with time and trustworthiness on the market. Team members held extensive knowledge and experience in the field of transport and customs services. Freeland Logistics is legitimate company, which has all the relevant certificates and registered in Federal Customs Service in Russian Federation and abroad.


The range of services for customs clearance:


  • Advice on various issues of foreign trade and customs


  • The classification of goods under HS TC


  • Registration of certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR DS)


  • Calculation and payment of customs payments (fees, customs duties, VAT, excise duties)


  • Managing documents for customs clearance


  • Managing registration of documents for the transportation of cargo


  • Customs clearance of goods throughout the territory of the Customs Union.


  • Remote declaration and release


  • Calculating customs value



LLC "FreeLand Logistics has history of cooperating with the Central Energy Customs of Russian Federation, which is a specialized customs authority on the movement of energy resources across  the customs border of Russian Federation.


Our specialists have experience of working with products such as crude oil, crude oil (03), coal, medium and heavy distillates (gasoline, naphtha, etc.) and working with export via Russian pipeline, sea , rail, road transport modes.


Freeland logistics company provides full spectrum of warehousing services. Clients convenience is our major goal. Professional team is able to find optimum type of warehousing as well as best placing of goods, in regards to cargo's characteristics and needs.




Safe custody by FreelandLogistics involves the temporary transfer of the goods to company, owned by the customer, for the period specified in the contract. Our company takes responsibility for the condition and safety of the stored and transported goods, protecting you from the force-majeure circumstances and potential losses.


  • Safe custody for goods up from 1 pallet;
  • 24-hour security;
  • Processing services;




We are able and willing to provide services for cargo packaging and palletising goods for delivery to the destination. Packaging materials, including corrugated cardboard, hemp or jute bags, boxes, steel cans, barrels, wrapping tape, cell, multi-boxes or paper bags, as well as more modern packaging materials help to  avoid shipping damage, and firmly unite partial shipments into a single one, which facilitates transport of goods and reduces the risks during transportation.




Our specialists are ready to provide services of labeling your cargo. Labeling allows you to check the compliance of transport and accompanying documents, as well as informing the carrier on rules and regulations during its transportation and storage of particular cargo.


Or professional legal Department effectively manages the contracts and all related documentation. Our team will advise in:


  • Existing regulatory legal acts of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation


  • Presidential Decrees


  • The decisions and orders of the Government of the Russian Federation


  • Normative legal acts of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and the Federal Customs Service of Russia (Russian State Customs Committee) and how they work


  • Representation on behalf of declarant or other interested parties in judicial and customs authorities, including an appeal against decisions, actions (inaction) of customs bodies and their officials


We work in accordance to international  law and customs legislation of the Russian Federation.



Some list of goods requires mandatory certification for import clearance. Also, the customs control authorities may require another

documentation, for example, the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological service. Our company provides all the information on the selection of the optimal certification scheme, experts will help to collect all the documents and the right to issue documents.


We Provide:


  •  Certificates Declaration of Conformity GOST R


  • Letters of compliance to Rospotrebnadzor, registration of state registration


  • Refusal letters Ministry of trade


  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the equipment protection against explosions and fires


  • Quarantine certificate, import and quarantine permits


  • ST-1 - Certificates of Origin



The company provides range of logistics as well as cargo insurance. You can sleep safely when your shipment is insured. The Company undertakes to deliver the goods on time, and offer cargo insurance at the cheap rates, which are among the lowest in the market. You can rely on our professional team.


Logistics and warehousing consulting is important area of the company. Our experts will advise you on the optimization of the cost of transportation and storage. The company provides with optimal logistics schemes and shortest times of delivery of goods. Freeland Logistics has 20 years of experience in the market of transport and logistics services and thrives towards high standards of work and coopertion.





Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 504-2-888




Freeland Logistics - premere logistics operator with headquarters in Moscow, Russian Federation. The company provides: freight services, customs services, warehousing services, legal support and consulting in the logistics field.

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